Thursday, 8 April 2010

Am I saaaaaaavy enough for a blog?

Well bugger me.
I think I am now technicologically advanced enough to start a blog! But is my spelling up to scratch? (This is yet to be proven)

And will I be bothered to continue to write funny and witty comments( or lame arse monologues), or will they turn into bitchy snarly comments directed towards all the evil people in my life ( haven't got any..yet)at least I know I wont be talking about politics cos I have no interest in that what-so-ever and live in a country that I can not vote in, and if I could, I so wouldn't. Because everyone knows most politicians are as cunning as a weasel, and not as nearly competent or house-trained.

Many of my mates probably wont be arsed to even think about creating a blog, let alone reading the damn thing, so I guess in this day and age it's ok to blab your heart out to the millions of faceless spectators hovering around out there. So if I say something to offend you then tough cookies, you don't need to continue to keep reading my blog, and don't slag me off just because I decide to shar my opinions, people are allowed opinions and no one can mark them wrong for having one. So if you voice your opinion I will duely note it and a) agree with you or b) value your insight but think you're a complete muppet if I disagree.. but I wont ever slag off another person unless your my mother^^

Though I have a question to pose to you.. Is it weird that my husband just kissed a can of beer? ( This after not having a beer for about 3 weeks?)

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