Thursday, 15 April 2010

April 15th.... dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuuum...

Whilst sitting back and relaxing last night and getting the ankle biter ready for his bath, we surprisingly found out that our wee bundle of pooh can now actually crawl! Oh fantastic! The joys of crawling..

And here I was thinking that he could be lazy and miss the whole crawling stage and go straight to walking! But no as we found out and so did Benjamin that he is not as steady as he thinks he is! In the space of an hour he fell over three times and did perfect head butts with the wooden floor, of course with Irish luck an all he would have to be half on and half of the mat that we bought specially for him! It was rather funny to watch him go for gold, and then fall over, needless to say we laughed while he cried. ( I know sadistic parents are we!) However he has now advanced to crawling and spitting up his milk. He just doesn't know that he should sit for ATLEAST 10 mins for his formula to go down! Though I don't mind cleaning the floor, it's when he does it on you just as your about to leave for work you just wanna scream. Though silly daddy had been playing rough with him and he puked all over daddy's face and shirt and pants.. good boy ( just like when we went to the wedding!!)

So now begins the joys of vacumming everyday and moping the floor and finding kiddie rails and locks and dusting and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh more house work for me!
Though tonight while making daddy some Kimchi jigae Ben was in his wee stroller race cart thing running into my archilles heels and having a great time doing it, and me being PMS I had an epiphany.. That I am lucky to have a hubby even though he tends to ring 5 mins before he finishes work and tells me he aint coming home for dinner, after I had spent the last hour cooking for him....  I couldn't even begin to imagine what life would be like as a single parent, just you and the wee bundle of joy/horror/pooh/screams/ insert word of choice. I get ansty ( usually when I am cooped up all day) with Benjamin for the evening! I like spending time with him, but trying to get dinner organised, washing done, doing the dishes, vacumming, cleaning,  getting ready for work etc doing all that  single handedly and having to keep constant tabs on your bundle, it's tough work an I have the uptmost respect for single parents.. not just mum's but dad's as well! I don't know how they do it! They should write books about time management for us folk who have a partner and a baby, cos I sure as hell have no idea where all my spare time goes to and I know I have shit loads of it, I just piss arse around too much!

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