Saturday, 15 May 2010


See.. I told you fellas I was a slack arse!
Man I can't believe it's half way through May already and I last wrote ages ago!
Well nothing really exciting has happened. My son got a severe throat infection thus causing me many sleepless nights.
Why is it that men's hearing switches off at night time? Do they have little switches in their brains that are connected to solar panels or is it the age old theoryof a little hamster running around on his exercise wheel, and when night falls, he thinks bugger this for a lark, I am going to sleep? All I can say is that being sleep deprived, having to teach kindy kids whohave no manners, working out, cooking, cleaning and looking after said bundle of joy makes for one super grumpy shitty mummy/wife! And he wonders why I am stressed out! He who has a solid 7-8 hours sleep every night, and more in the weekends dur to alcohol! I envy him and hate him at times.

What else exciting happened... hm Oh I got a new fangled passport with those nifty wee chips in them and mini holograms of me, plus my new name.. Yup I have a double barrelled new fangled fancy name.. Heaney-Lee. It was either that or be called Leigh Lee, and that is just stupid ( plus it has been my nickname since high school!)
I had to drive to the middle of no fecking where near Dongducheon cos the immigration office had moved from Uijeongbu, and man was I pissed, but the lovely parking man drew me a map.. I should of taken a photo.. it was just a straight line! But I did manage to find the stpid place then wait in line for hours,thank god I had a book. But I did have fun watching this curious little Indian boy pulling numbers out of the machine whithout his mum's knowledge and the poor clerk who kept calling said numbers and no one was fronting up! But the funniest thing was that after mum found out and held onto him, a little korean boy started to do the same.
 bugger aparently I have to go rescue my husband from our neighbour.. well keep you posted!

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