Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Well it's a balmy lovely sunny day, but why do I feel so shitty?
Hmm must of been the kindy kids this morning! I mean as theories go, kids are at their worst when it's pissing down with rain, or freezing cold and they are going stir crazy couped up inside all day , then why the hell did I yell myself hoarse at the little buggers today?
It wasn't like they didn't know what I was talking about, as talking to them in Korean!! And it was easy work! I don't understand them, apart from the fact that if my son grows up to be anything like them I will slap him seven shades of purple! They have no manners, can not and will not share, are self centered and generally disrespectful! They dont even say Thank you or please!!
Oooh my son is going to have years of Thank-you, please, may! He will learn to share, which he kinda does know because if you ask him " Mummy Aaaaaaah/ Daddy Aaaaaah he will give you whatever he has in his hand and try and put it in your mouth, very cute. Then he giggles.
Though this morning before bath time he was sitting infront ofthe TV with his back towards it, completely starkers and lo and behold he found his willy. With both hands I may add. Sure he's found it before but it has been a cursuory touch, like "Hmm ok it's there now where's my Pukeko?" but this morning it was a " What the hell is this? If I touch it it feels good" kinda touch and he proceeded to play with himself for like 5 minutes. It was both funny and distrubing to watch! But I am guessing that most lttle boys find their willies sometime sooner or later eh!?
At least my day started off well

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