Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Well it's June already. My nephew has his first birthday next week, and Benjamin's is in 2 more months time. Time to start thinking about what to do for his party! Thank god my mum and dad will come over, will need some help with the catering! I have no idea how many people are coming maybe 40, maybe 60! Have to get my hubby onto that! What is good is that his friends will give us money!! And my friends presents he he Yea for Benjamin!
I am thinking no cake, just cupcakes for everyone. I mean it's not too hard to make the cupcakes, and for decorating them well I think I will do a beach theme? With the help from Martha Stewart!! Though then again I may totally stuff it up and not do the waves and sharks properly and there for need the help of this amazing woman called Gerry who made my friend's son's 2nd birthday cupcakes.. Frogs, and lily leaves and flowers and water.. it was awesome! She is gong to make some cupcakes for my hubby's birthday so I will definitely take photos to show everyone out there who happens to stop and have a squizz.
Though I did make cupcakes for my friends birthday last month.

As you can see the purple one looks like a dog has just emptied it's bowels on it! That was the first to be eaten!! Hubby did well with the little stars.. he spent some time working in a Japanese bar squeezing wasabi onto plates! I gave up after the flower cos the icing was melting and just slapped the rest on the cupcakes. They were really yummy! I used a coffee, chocolate banana recipe and it was yuuuuuuuuuum And I had cupcakes for breakfast the next day ha ha

Ok best sign off for this evening as am knackered

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