Saturday, 3 July 2010


What an epic month!
Not only was it my nephew's first birthday but also my hubby's birthday too. The dilemma of what to buy each of them! In the end Ollie got a heap of Korean cuteness and hubby got well bugger all actually. I was planning on buying him a guitar, but had no money :(
But instead I hired my friend to make him some birthday cupcakes he only ate one cos they were too sweet for him!

 She is an amazing decorater and has a newly made site  (
Where she is flashing her wares to the world and Oh My what wares she has!!!^^
Living in Korea finding someone who makes cupcakes like this is like finding a needle in a haystack! Aaaand the fact that Korea has like 1 cupcake franchaise which has just started up they are overpriced and bland..
He is made about all things soccer and Nike for some reason, I was orignially going to go for a nike basketball theme, but HELLO WORLD CUP 2010 and Red Devils.. and he was mad keen on watching all possible games, and since his party was on the Saturday the day that Korea sadly lost to Uruguay it was perfect to have a soccer theme!
Everyone LOVED them they were so impressed, just wish I could of said I made them..sigh... one day when Gerry teachs me I will^^

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