Monday, 26 July 2010

HOT hot hot!!

Man as if this month couldn't get any hotter!
Well I had a very productive last week, well not really that productive, but quiet busy.

1) I took the subway with Benjamin for the first time from our place all the way to Itaewon! What a mission! Of course the elevators were fantastic WHEN and WHERE I could find them. More  than not I went the way where there were no elevators but tons and tons of stairs! But many a nice random strange helped me carry Benjamin and the buggy down them. I was so glad I didn't take the Super Duper Off Road 4 WD drive bugger, cos there would of been no way I would of been able to fit on the escalator due to the fact that the elevator wasn't working at Samgakji ga Station!!!
Finally made it to Itaewon, our mission was to go to Taco Bell. FYI there is NO Taco Bell in New Zealand, we have only ever heard of it much like Dukin' Donuts ( which on my last visit home last year found a DD in the Airport!!!) Like we need Donuts!
However once we arrived at said destination the line that snaked out and around the corner told us that there was no way in hell we plus buggy were gonna wait or fit in the tiny poky store, so we had Quizno's ( which we also do not have in NZ) a good healthy option and Ben enjoyed his Chicken soup bread bowl thingee.
Enough said for adventure number one.

Exciting trip number 2:
This did not involve lovable bundle of pooh, but just myself! thank god cos it would of been a nightmare getting him to Dongdaemun. Anyways I went to Dongdaemun to meet up with my friend  Gerry ( she has an awesome website..check it out ) as she was going to introduce me to the Bangsan Market! I didn't even know such a place existed until Gerry told me about the secret Baking/Bake ware/ wrapping Market. I was amazed. For me I usually try and find stuff on the net and order it, but this place was awesome, and semi cheap, though Gerry did tell me that in some places certain things were cheaper etc. It was amazing all the packaging, muffin cups, cupcake cups, sprinkles, ribbons, stickers, ingredients. you would not believe it but I finally found Cream of Tartar!! Now I can tell my mum not to bring any ^^ It was awesome. I bought a cookie cutter shaped as a onesie ( will try that out soon) a piping set as I need to improve dramatically. (Though I think I will have to persuade Gerry to make a class for all of us ex-pats who wanna learn!!!) some sprinkles and a couple of biscuit boxes. If I had more time and loads more money I would of gone mad! I am itching to make those onesie biscuits. Hmm maybe this week!

Last of all for my friend Summer, she is due to have her baby sometime last week or so and he is still stubbornly hanging on, it lasts like an eternity waiting for your baby to arrive! Anyways I offered to make her a nappy bag as she didn't have one and I really wanted to try out the design I found on the web. So I received her colour instructions any pastel colour except orange and off I could go.
I got this really cute pink rabbit design, coral canvas, and pale pink polka dot fabric to make this bag, also a real cute zip with a wee girl and a bonnet for it's tab!
So away I went with the design called the "Detour Diaper Bag" I got from         I just printed it off and away I went, though I had to make a few slight modifications and added several more pockets on the inside.
Anyways after I stuffed up the lining by sewing in in the wrong way, unpicking it and then resewing it this is what the finished result looked like
I was quiet happy with the result even though it was the first bag I had ever made and I did do some mistakes, so I have warned Summer not to look too closely and just hope it holds up! And if not she can always use it for something else. I was thinking about making some more similar to these, but I think I will go for a square "bum" instead or a round cos it's a bitch to line up the bottom and sew the round edges. Plus I like square. So who knows eh. I have all this time to play with and have some awesome turquoise fabric I am itching to use, plus I have some funky heavy cotton material with sheep and dogs all over it that I am sure would make a cool bag. Oh well back to the sewing machine eh!!! Oh there is the cutest wee pattern for pants so I have some awesome Woollen tartan which I will make into pants for my wee bundle for winter.

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