Friday, 20 May 2011

My .......time flies

Well I just remembered that I started this blog last year!! I apologise for my slackness, but I am at the best of times a walking zombie, minus the blood, same vacant stare though.

It's been a tough last half year or so, settling into the be a nice mummy, good housewife role ( which at times I totally suck at and want to go out and get stinking drunk!) Also I have PACKED on the kilos.
This is not something I am proud about. I have fought againt my weight since I was about 13 being the biggest in the class. ( Not fat.. but the well built one.. the one that liked to play with the boys.. one full of muscle.. not the lovely feminine sleek muscles but the huge  rugby player type muscles) and then it all turned to fat.And then baby and more fat wobbly bits. ( Hence why now if I want to go for a plod I go at night time where no one can see anything jiggle!!)
There are times when the only thing I like about my body are my eyes! But enough is fecking enough! I don't want to be the big jiggly mummy that my mummy was( she lost alot of weight) I don't want to feel sorry for myself anymore, I do not want my thighs to touch anymore ^^ And I soooo don't want the inner thigh rashes that I use to get in Summer ANYMORE. I am getting a running machine tomorrow and then I have no more excuses when hubby spends the night out pissing it up against the pub wall and I am stuck at home with Ben, who is fast asleep.
I have been using "Spark People" to get myself on track.It's helping me watch what I eat, has great recipes and I keep a total of everything on there even the sneaky things I know I wouldn't write down if I kept a food diary at home. Also because of this site I am drinking more water, cutting back on the coffee and wheat. Though what I wouldn't do for a bowl of ice cream or a huge class of milk.. stupid lactose intolerance. Though I found the most amazing Rice milk recipe on a blog the other day.
I couldn't seem to find any other recipes. But this one is great if you a) want to save your cash and b) live in a country that does not have a non dairy/non lactic "milk" available. Rice milk here in Korea is delish, though I use to wonder why I was always sick after drinking... lol and behold after reading the label it has MILK in the fecking wonder.
The recipe is as follows but I amde a half batch and added cinnamon to mine. ( Makes amazing smoothies)

Rice Milk – The Recipe

you can find the recipe here:

It lasts ok in the fridge and it's beaut on cereal and muesli. Try it out... I dare you. Though you will have to water it down aloooooooooot as it has a distinct rice flavour and is very thick.

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