Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Korean food : Part One

Well since I live in Korea I thought maybe I should impart some of my favourite Korean recipes that my MIL has taught me to cook. And I have had the most surprising comments from my husband, when he told me " You can make this better than my mum!" If that didn't blow my socks off having my MIL tell all her friends that I made the best Mi-yok soup she has tasted. I was
truely humble that day and strived to perfect the art that is Korean cooking.

So I though I would start with something really very simple.

됀장찌개(Dwenjang jjigae) or for those that don't read Korean Fermented Soy Bean paste and Tofu Soup.

What you need are the following ingredients ( and this got a Wow, this is like my Mum's one from Darling hubby)

Now the secret of the smoothness of the soup is to use the water that you wash your rice in ( MIL secret tip) So when your washing the rice fill a large pot with this water.
Like so.

Then add 2 BIG spoons of the Fermented Soy Bean paste.
Huge tip is to dissolve it in a ladle submerged in the pot, Otherwise the paste will stay in one big hunk.

To this add a big handful of pre washed cockles. I guess my North American freinds would call them clams (?) Anywhoo a BIG handful ( I like cockles^^)

While this boils away get one 애호박 a young pumpkin, like a marrow light green.
Anyways slice that into quaters and chop roughly.

Next add some enokitake mushrooms. They are long and stringy!

Next roughly chop up 1/2 an onion and add it to the mix.

Drain your tofu and use as much or as little of a 300g pack you want. I like to use alot of it so I stick the whole thing in.

Then let it bubble away for 20 mins. If it's alittle bland I add a tiny bit of salt and some shellfish stock.

I add some scallions, a good handful, roughly chopped and then bubble away for another 5 mins until it ends p looking like this...

Then you serve it with Kimchi, rice and other side dishes that you happen to have in the fridge.

Honestly it is an easy recipe and very delicious and healthy. Even my 2 year old son loves this. Well he loves all Korean soups so...

I hope you try this out. YOu can't go wrong with it!

( I had to "borrow" the pics of the young pumpkin, tofu and onion off the web as I forgot to take photos ...doh so thank you to the people who posted them^^)


  1. HI, how do you prepare the clams? Do you wash them first? I'm wary of clams because I don't know how to prep them. Teach me please...

  2. @Fauna
    I usually let them soak in a bowl for 5 minutes. And them rub them together to get all the "crap" out.
    Then I rinse them well under running water and repeat :)

  3. K, I'm gonna try this recipe. I've been looking for a good bean paste recipe for some time. The only problem is we got little insects in our rice...they look like mini beetles, so I don't think I can use the rice water. I'll let you know how it turns out^^

  4. it's spelled 된장찌개 by the way

  5. terribly sorry.. I didn't proof read when I hit the enter button!