Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ben's birthday

Well my lovely wee boy turned 2 in August, and I decided against my better judgement to have a party at home in our tiny apartment instead of at a kids cafe. I have learnt the lesson of having 10 or so under 5 yr old kids in one room is a really really bad idea on a hot summer's day!!!

So I made a few things like gluten free sausage rolls! They were made from potato, some rice flour etc. I know it's easy to find gluten free stuff in New Zealand but nigh on impossible here in Korea!^^
Thought they tasted ok, not bad for a first attempt, as I honestly suck at making pastry, I get so frustrated with it and impatient.. but this recipe was awesomely easy to make!

I also made a cake similar to Tayo the little Bus which my son loves, however It didn't turn out how I wanted it, but oh well my son loved it, but I didn't get any good shots of it, so I will have to find some from someones Facebook account^^

I also made little cupcakes for Ben to take to daycare for his party there. He loves Barancle Lou.. so I made cupcake toppers from royal icing.
I have never attempted to make anything like this before EVER so for my first time I think I did ok... I know my son was so excited to see them!!
The beginnings of my Lou Army
Head... check... body... check... beaks..CHECK!!!
...eyes... YES.. finished!!!
I was excited to finally see them on the cupcakes, though my icing failed but oh well^^

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