Friday, 21 October 2011


Well last weekend my son had gone to bed for some random reason at 7:40ish ( I think it was due to the fact that he hadn't had a nap at daycare) and hubby was quietly playing on his PSP and I was all by myself and wanted to do something, make something . So I rummaged around and found this in my kitchen.

Then I rummaged some more and found this
What the hell is that you may ask.. well it's "ingredients" to make soap! Yup I spent my Friday night making soap..and lip balm ha ha Man I am old!

So I added everything into a huge pot, melted it down, added the oils, and smellies and strawberry powder and poured it into my mould like so..
But I had ALOT still left over so I grabbed al the moulds I had and made
( mini dinosaurs for Benjamin..cos he loves to wash his hands)
lips, hearts, flowers and a handbag
(baby apples for Benjamin to take to daycare.)

So my house is now all soaped out! We have soap coming out the wazzoo, but atleast I smell good and feel all squeaky clean. ( Homemade soap feels so much better on my old, dry, wrinkly skin^^)

Oh and my strawberry lipbalm, is smackingly good.
Think I will try and make Banana and cinnamon next when the strawberry is all gone. Though hubby has put in his order for soju flavoured lipbalm.. not sure if I can do that yet!! PLus think he would just eat the thing and get drunk!

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