Saturday, 1 October 2011


Ok can you guess what I am going to make with these ingredients?? This is something I make when I cant be arsed cooking...

ha ha that's right 부대찌개 ( Budaejjigae) on days when I can't be bothered cooking I usually whip up a stew or filling soup so instead I decided to make Budaejjigae,( as I have been having a craving for it... Not sure why.. hope I am not up the duff!) Budaejjigae is a famous spicy concotion of kimchi, spam, sausage, beans, and everything else you may happen to have hanging around your fridge. Apparently inspired by the army..

It's piss easy to make and I'll guarantee you can't bugger it up!
So I will share with you "my" way of making it.
WARNING I like mine to be spicy.. so you may want to adjust the Chilliness of it all!

Ok well here is what you need for the 양념 (seasoning/marinade/sauce)
3 HUGE arse spoons of Chilli flakes ( 고추가루) 1 small spoon on Chilli paste (고추장) 1 ~2 big spoons of soya sauce (간장) and one BIG spoon of crushed garlic.
Mix them all together and you get something like this

Mmmmm deliciousness in itself!

Next you need 5 big cups of 육수 ( broth) I made my own using those funny big dried 멸치 ( anchovies) specially for soups...

Next for your big pan/wok you need the following
150g Minced pork ( or beef/chicken/turkey if you dont have Pork and or and have an aversion to pork)
150g spam ( hmm I guess you could try and substitute this for some tofu/protein made goodness if you want, but it does tend to give the soup a certain yum factor on the flavour scale)
a couple of snags sliced ( sausages for those of you who don't speak Kiwi English. Not real ones but those fake plasticky processed looking ones
that are often found in hot dogs^^)
1 onion (sliced) 1/4 can of Baked Beans, several handfuls of kimchi ( plus extra kimchi juice) several handfuls of sliced rice cake ( 가레떡) and a big spring onion sliced.

Place the mince in the middle of the pan. Put the spicy sauce ontop of it. Place all the ingredients around it and then add the broth.
Like so...

Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 15 mins until everything is close to being completely cooked and then for the piece d'resistance place a packet of plain noodles ontop.
Cook till noodles are soft . Then dig in!

My husband's comment was " Wow this is great! Better than mine. If I was in the army I think everyone would want seconds and thirds. Good job baby"

Well that comment warmed my cockles, though the fact that the food in the ROK Army is not of the highest standards and they think Choco-pies are luxury I am not sure if I take that as a compliment of not^^

So bon appetite my lovelies, would love to know how yours turned out!!!

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