Friday, 4 November 2011

I have a lovely bowl of stinky nuts *giggle*

If your mind was in the gutter when you read the title, then your my kind of person! But actualy I meant to say Stinky bowl of Ginko nuts^^ Or their nom de plume 은행.
Now before coming to Korea I had no idea what these were, or even why they smelt so bad! ( Think baby milk puke mixed with dog pooh and other various faeces and you got the smell...yummy eh!?)
But I was uber curious to see these little old ajumma's toting bags around wearing gloves, picking up these things off the ground. It wasn't till years later ( 5 yrs to be exact) that I actually tried Ginko nuts for the first time in a bar. I think I may have been slightly wasted but I did enjoy them and their smooth texture and interesting taste.

Last week I found out that there were only 20 students at school and 2 teachers and 2 admin staff. That was it !! After lunch we stole down to the schools veggie plot and borrowed some 무 ( radish) and there infront of us was all these Ginko trees. ( queue heavenly music)
Now there had been a few old biddies in the morning collecting all these berries, and there was bugger all left on the ground. So I spied a big ol stick and the others found some rocks so we began to pummel and stone these trees.
I got quite a few Ginko's.. see my stash!?
I had to soak these buggers in warm water to help get the nuts inside. And loooooord did it stink to high heaven.
The conversation I had with hubby was kinda funny

Hubby: Leigh, did you fart?
Me: Ummm , not within the last 20 mins I didn't.
Hubby: What the hell is that smell?
Me: Ah, 은행
Hubby: Fuck, it stinks! Close the door
Me: Ok.

So I spent a few hours coaxing the little nuts out of the stinky fleshy pods and into a baking tin and banged them in the oven to dry out before I could get the yummy-ness inside

Now I have to figure out what to make with them.

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  1. There's a big ginkgo tree at a temple near our house. I've always wanted to take some but didn't know what to do with them. Maybe I should just bring them home and hope my MIL will show me what to do. kkeeekekee