Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Goodbye 2012...Hello 2013

Well 2012 was a blast! It had it's usual ups and it's downs, definitely had some of THOSE moments you never wish to repeat, but oh well what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...right? ( unless it's some kind of weapon, then you are royally screwed!)

 Now I have a small group of lovely, wonderful, sexy and fantastic friends who are scattered through out Korea. ( you know who you are!) And I have had the chance to meet some of them in person, run with some of them, and flop down dead on the ground with them ( 5 km fun run my arse... no fun at all...but I did it!)
One of these lovely ladies proposed that for our New Years revolution we chose 12 things and do them month by month. Now this is a pretty damn good idea! Usually I make my New Years Lie....resolution just before I pass out on the last day of each year, stick to it for about 1 month if I am lucky and then by May, I can't remember what the hell it was I vowed to do.

 So I have made a list of 12 things I NEED to do for this year. And here they are in random order;

 1) No more Chocolate! ( I am allergic to the bloody stuff but will make myself sick just to eat it's creamy, delicious, smooth chocolately goodness.

 2) Exercise Everyday.

 3) No more processed sugar!

 4) Cut down on the carbs! ( There are other sources of energy besides potatoes..and I am only a quater Irish!)

 5) Start healthy eating habits!

 6) More sleep!!!

 7) Teaching my 3 year old son to sleep more!

 8) Also teach said son English, cos honestly he sucks at it. His Korean is fab and pulls words out of his arse that even I don't know!

 9) Stop hating myself. 

10) Meditate at the end of each day and release all the crap and stress I hold on to.

 11) Cut down on computer time!! ( Facebook you evil bitch!)

 12) Save money.

 Now as I sit here glued to the computer screen scoffing a chocolate biscuit I think I will start with the Exercise everyday!

 As some of you know, I am big, like size of a house big, and the fact that I piled on 20 kg with my first born and am now knocked up a second time I am NOT going to gain 20 more fecking kg to add to that and become the size of a small beached whale!

 With the help of my lovely friends, I started training to run the 5k fun run ( granted I have not ran since I was about 20 (so a good 12 years or so!) During this I lost 12 kg..woooooo was so proud, then the weather changed and I got lazy, too cold to run, too cold for a walk, all sorts of excuses I could think of!
I was about to start seriously training for the 10k fun run, when I found out I was pregnant...sigh..well there goes my plans to run!
HOWEVER the 10k can be a fun run or a fun walk, right?! So I am going to start getting out even if it's for 10-20 minutes everyday and walk, be it by myself, or with my son, or hubby.

 I have to do this. I don't want to fail again, I lost so much weight before with Weight watchers and eating correctly and then just to let it all go!
 It's surprising easy to gain weight but a serious bitch to lose it. I want to be healthy for my children, I want to be able to run after them, chase them down and tickle them till the pee, not wheeze after them and give up. I want to be able to fit down a Korean slide with my son and peanut( sex unknown)
I want to run and jump and play and swim with them. I want to do what my mum did when she lost weight, she is like me, well was like me, always teased for being bigger than the others ( not fat, I mean I was built like a bloody rugby player muscles and all) had the same problems as me, thighs rubbing during summer, having a waist 2 sizes smaller than your bum and thighs. But be damned if she sat around and did nothing. After she had my brother she got her arse into gear and made the changes she needed, which was great, and she still is making changes. So my role model I guess is her, my mum. She doesn't know this yet so maybe I will tell her soon or tell her when I am comfortable about me being me, and the shape I maybe well into this year around October ^^ After peanut pops out and I lose some weight :)
Ok enough rambling, let the month of daily exercise BEGIN!!!!


  1. Excellent, I'm so excited for you. We're in this together gorgeous.

  2. You can do it! let's get on our February challenges. I failed at January.