Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day two of operation 12 or bust...

Ok, so I am not going to write every day about how my exercise is going, not going etc as that would be super boring for you to read and me to write, I think it would be akin to something like this:
Day One: Did 20 mins of exercise
Day Two: Fell flat on my arse in the snow, walked back inside, exercise 2 mins, shower 10..

So I guess every week I will write a wee bit every now and then on my update. So far yesterday I did some exercise, it included running to the bathroom several times to puke my guts out ( morning sickness, thank you!) walking back, I think that may have been 5 mins of exercise.
I did go for a wee walk with my son, so possibly another 5 mins but it was too bloody cold.

I am waiting to see if I can eat lunch and then afterwards if it stays down or comes up I will go for a walk anyway, because even though it is a lovely sunny day outside it is minus 17, which thank god it warmer than the minus 24 I woke up to! I am feeling a bit of the ol' cabin fever setting in, cos there are only so many hours of desk warming and power point making you can do in a day before you want to chew your own eyes out.

So lets just say Day two is going to be a semi cold but nice day for a wee bit of exercise and screw the Grade 1 teacher... ( who complains about me getting my fat arse outside to waddle/jiggle)

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