Wednesday, 6 February 2013

February 2012

Bloody hell January went by so fast!
Well as you know my mission in January was to eat no chocolate! ( Sadly for the first week of Jan I was craving it...oopsie preggo hormones ) But I did not touch another piece after that! So clap clap for me.
Acutally I think I have gone off sweet things like chocolate, jelly beans, lollies of most sorts!

No it's the second week of Feb and my resolution was to do more exercise ( cough cough)
I have got all my gear at school ready and rearing to go ( however the unexpected cold snap and bloody snow put a wee dampener on my plans.)
Also I have a wee group of friends who are committed to doing the "30 day Shred" or better known as 30 days of pure utter hell ( But I thoroughly enjoyed it in my non pregnant form)
But somehow being almost 4 months pregnant and doing star jumps and crunches is just not doable, so I have been searching for something similar but aimed for us preggo chicks. I have found a few and have yet to download them..sigh.. One thing I really want to do while desk warming is downloading these workouts, but my school computer has a super firewall system built in that I just can not get around..and I am always too busy at home or tired at home to remember to find these workouts! DOH

But from today I am definitely going to do more exercise, I need it, as does my son, and hubby does too! ( Lazy monkey pants the lot of them!)

Ok enough waffle for me....mmmm waffles.... will let you know what I did next week!

BIG OOPS my Jan goal was to exercise more!! Oh f**k.. well I got that mixed up didn't I..well this month it's no Chocolate and lots of exercise. You can tell I did bugger all in January can't you!!!

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